The Path of the Wisemen

In our natural state, the indigenous Mexica people are fundamentally different from Western Europeans and their science based consciousness. In this context, one of the greatest needs we as a people have for our Wisemen is that they must be able to describe the ontological differences between us. This essentially amounts to being able to tell us about our different relationships with time.

In the Western European conception of time we are provided with a matrix of measurements based on geographical coordinates and the rotation of the sun around the earth. The key to understanding time in this manner is the extremely significant matter of importance it places on precision. In this way, time can be used to facilitate the valuation of labor and commodity goods or luxury items. It is in this sense that it is said that “time is money”.

Our Mexica Wisemen must be able to articulate the relationship between Mexica ideology and the rotation of the planets in our universe. Thus, they should be able to show how our calendars can maintain different calendaring bases of planetary rotations depending on what natural phenomena they are wishing to describe. Thus, they must also be able to explain the significance of maintaining different calendars with different emphasis on rotations and a variety of lengths in the number of days in the counting of these calendars.

Additionally, our Wisemen must also be able to explain how our cultural relationship to time is implemented in the practice of rituals and the worshiping of a variety of Gods. In our efforts to describe this cultural practice and process, the Wisemen must also be able to describe the structured relationship among the people of our regional and local groups and the command hierarchy put in place to ensure that the citizens of our communities can function in peace and harmony.