The Cosmic Warrior

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Our warriors are among our proudest representatives of our indigenous Mexica culture. It falls upon all of us to realize that as the most necessary part of our collective movement forward, towards the destiny of our people, today’s warriors still continue to be driven by the sensibilities of the Fifth Sun, and are ready to fight and resist the colonizer . In this context, they are awaiting for their direction from our chiefs and wisemen to begin their transition to become the Spirit Warriors of the Sixth Sun.

In today’s battlefield, it is no longer necessary to protect our people and land. Today’s warriors ride the horse of technology and multimedia warfare through print, electronic communication, videos, posters, flyers, word of mouth and more. The Mexica people of today need no longer be held captive by Western European ideology. Our Wisemen of today are already calling for the decolonialization of our thinking to return to the poetic consciousness of our people. The voice of mother nature that runs through our veins is speaking to us, her children of Mother Earth and the Sun, and she has given the call for us to come home.

Our Chiefs and Wisemen have been bombarded by the passions of mother nature since the 1987 harmonic conversion of the planets in our universe with unspoken visions of transitioning forward. They are now awakening to give direction to our warriors in their efforts to disseminate the call to unity of our indigenous people. The Chiefs and Wisemen must also heed the call to unify with other regional Chiefs and Wisemen to devise a strategy to reach out to our people so that they might reawaken and come together as one in this the imminent transition.

Female Cosmic Warriors