The Path of our Chiefs

In that it is necessary to surrender to Mother Universe in order to be among the spiritually enlightened to evolve forward in the transition that is upon us, our Chiefs must make clear the manner and means by which we are to proceed in reclaiming our own time and ontological frameworks while also decolonializing our thoughts so that Mother Nature is able to speak through her Children of the Sun.

Our Chiefs are the conduits of Mother Nature’s passions and must therefore be able to represent all of life’s living manifestations in their relations to our Mexica culture and how these creatures of Mother Nature are also able to express their own passions in Mother Nature through our people and our legends. In this context, then, our Chiefs may themselves manifest characteristics of the Eagle while our Supreme Chief may take on the appearance of a Feathered Serpent.

In terms of educating our children, our Chiefs must provide the direction for our people to move forward. In this context it can be said that the Wisemen determine the methods and content of our education but the Chief determines the direction of our future for which the education of our children must be driven. This is the main direction for which we are now, as a people, awaiting the Chiefs to provide their wisdom. Once this direction is provided our people can proceed along the path of transition.