The Clarification of Past and Present Circumstances

In Western European Societies
Past & Present are equally Illusions

The Fifth Sun represented a cosmic dark age where a false axis of being dominated the consciousness of Homo Sapiens as a whole and supported a scientistic form of consciousness that was inherently opposed to the natural order of our Mother Universe and Mother Nature. Truth, like time itself, was determined within a matrix of consistent measurements that not only governed our understanding what were supposedly our natural laws but also impacted our behavior as human beings and determined whatever valuations drove our existence across its’ own version of time.

In the worldview of the Fifth Sun, material possessions were emphasized and wealth was a driving force that brought the blood of Western Europeans to a frenzy and drove their blood lust to separate themselves from the animals, women and people of color as inferior. It was in this context that religious wars, as the opiate of the masses occurred. It was also in this context that social divisions were created and power was maintained among the chosen few.

In the dawning of the Sixth Sun it is not possible for us to say what shall be, but our Wisemen and Storytellers are able to give expression to what they feel regarding the flow of light energy that is within us all. In this context, it seems apparent that the driving force of the Fifth Sun must be transcended. Therefore, the desire for material wealth as well s division and hatred among ourselves, must be deemed unwanted by Mother Nature herself. Relinquishing such desires and even our desires from loved ones as another form of divisiveness, must all be done away with.

The promise of the Sixth Sun, as conveyed in our Indigenous prophecies, is for a future realm of total enlightenment. While it may not be possible in the current manifestation of Mother Earth, with its polluted water, air and land, we must not pretend to make demands or express expectations. What is of importance today is for us to cherish what is important without any manifest vision associated with it. That is, love is one aspect of life that we believe in and so we should feel love in the name of Mother Universe without reference to children, families, men or women. To do otherwise would be to hold expectations.

The way forward into the promise of our future is by achieving complete surrender to Mother Universe. Feel within our hearts what is beautiful but give our feelings no name. It may seem impossible to give up life for the sake of life but life is something that is given to us by Mother Universe and the strength we need to make the transition is what is meant by having faith. Together, with one heart and one vision, existence itself will be understood by us to be Mother Universe’s work of Art.