Moving Forward

In this the dawning and rebirth of the Indigenous people of the earth, there has emerged a polemical divergence among our own people. In broad strokes, we can express the polarization of our people in three distinct positions: 1. Warriors that wish to battle for the acquisition of our land, culture and language; 2. Wisemen that are intent upon re-educating our people of our own ancestral culture, and; 3. Cosmic Warriors that have yet to be heard from outside of the indigenous reservations and communities that have maintained our cultures, languages and traditions.

The time has come for a proclamation of our calling. Today’s Warriors are the messengers of our reawakening. It is the path of these warriors that they spread the energy across our mother earth of our reawakening. Our Wisemen are today’s organizers, intent upon hosting gatherings of celebration rituals, conferences and group sessions of our strategical steps forward. It is the duty of our Cosmic Warriors to give us a clarity of focus moving forward. In this context. let us consider each of these areas of responsibility for our people, that we may better understand the coming transition.