Heart Vision

Focal Point of the Heart

In the following story we will be considering an impassioned message that I feelĀ  represents the voice of Mother Nature herself and the Stars that guide our evolution of spirit. It is in this context that we begin with an impassioned plea to become aware of the rotations of our planets and what our Mother Universe, the Mother of all we know to be real and true, is asking of us, her children of the Sun, here on Planet Earth. In the act of evolving between the fifth and sixth Sun of our Cosmic Destiny, our promised transformation is best understood by opening the flood gates of the energy our Cosmic Bloodlines are said to contain, and giving express to the passions of the Universe Herself.

The true significance of the transition that is upon us, has yet to be given voice through our thoughts and deeds. The thirst of the Western European for wealth and fortune, to be achieved by controlling our Mother Nature to produce goods and resources for the benefit of the Western European conception of mankind, has held us in bondage and away from our true interests and virtues, and we have been captive for much of the 5,125 years it has taken the Fifth Sun to transpire. We must now prey that we have not waited to long before uniting ourselves as the Children of our Mother Earth and the Sun, to seek out our new direction in the chosen path of our Mother Universe.

Knowing that a change is upon us involves more than the realization of changes to our current understanding of life. It is also a surrendering of all claims to knowledge and judgment to Mother Universe as she determines what is to become of life. Only those that can submit themselves to the transition without knowledge or judgments will be taken forward. Western European consciousness will not survive the transition because their entire reason to be is contrary to the will of nature. Only those that live in reverence of Mother Nature and the music of the spheres will have the potential to move forward.

As stated previously, the transition forward is merely a potential occurrence because it is necessary for it to be realized that all claimed knowledge and judgments be relinquished and a complete surrender of the self to Mother Universe is the only door to tomorrows future. If we look upon this earth to regain what has past, we run the risk of losing everything. If it is the will of Mother Universe that we regain the life of our ancient indio ancestors, then it shall be. Remember, through your bloodlines, when our ancestors were in the same position as we are now, they chose to transition. Science, in this the Sixth Sun and the twenty-first century, have yet to explain whatever really happened to so many of our indio ancestors immediately before and after conquest.

Only Mother Universe will say if we are to remain as human beings on this or another Planet Earth. Will we have two genders, a life and death cycle, and all such other considerations is not for us to say. We may even live beyond the influence of time as we now know it, and the life or death cycle, to exist eternally in a manifest world of artistry, because we are in essence artists. We may cease to exist altogether in the realm of Tron and hit the replay button whenever desired. It is simply not for us to say. It is the will of Mother Universe that shall determine our new path.