The Mexica Concept of Time

When gears are conjoined together in a variety of ways using individual gear elements of varying sizes, the central gear can be made to complete its individual cycle at an exact measurement of time. This is the manner in which time pieces are made and empirically verifiable results are ensured. Stated differently, precision is the fundamental basis of time in the consciousness of Western Europeans. It is what allows us to assign value to human labor, and to a regular schedule and calendar. This is the very Heartbeat of Western European civilization and the territories that they have colonized.

In terms of the circumnavigation of planet earth within a twenty-four hour cycle, the earth must be divided into lines of demarcation that begin at a specific geographical location on the planet, which in Western European ideology is identified as Greenwich, England, that will synchronize perfectly with the rotation of the Sun around our planet. This imaginary line is referred to as a meridian and the one in Greenwich, England is the primary meridian where night and day are determined. This point is also known as Zulu time for those wishing to achieve precision globally.

The cycle of precision around the earth is entirely circumvented within a measurement of 360 degrees. By a distance of 15 degrees apart we have additionally located meridians running from the zenith point of the globe or North Pole, the opposite Nader point or South pole. It is the local meridian at our location that allow us to determine local time anywhere around the globe. The anti-meridian or AM, indicated our daytime. The post-meridian or PM, indicates our nighttime. Taken together as a whole, this scheme makes up our twenty-four hour day.

The meridians of fifteen degrees each are divided into four separate quadrants to identify the seasons of the annual calendar cycles. It should be noted that in the scheme of things there are twelve months to further assist in the used of an annual calendar. However, each global cycle of 365 days requires, every four years, an additional day to be added to the month of February and it is called a leap year. The purpose of this additional day every four years is to adjust the circumnavigation of our planet to actually coincide with the movements of the planets themselves.

All of these mathematical determinants were why our Western European colonizers believed that our Mexica ancestors were simply too ignorant to understand. The truth of the matter was that these colonizers were surrounded by concrete empirical evidence showing that our Mexica ancestor’s were superior to the colonizers in mathematics and science, which they themselves had not yet developed.