With all of these things having been accomplished, the process of colonializing the natives was in full swing. After many hundreds of years of living under this colonial process, the natives have lost their ability to see or speak and are unsure of any true way of making it back to their own culture and their own identity. Additionally, with respect to those colonizers that became part of the American experience and stayed to continue their control over the natives, it occurred to these colonizers that it was no longer really necessary to export all of the wealth and resources of the Americas and so we witnessed a series of wars of independence across the Americas with the exception of the North American continent which had been chosen by Western European colonizers for themselves.

The Western European colonizers were the losers of the Western European wars of independence fought in the motherland for control of their respective countries. In general, they came to the North American continent because of religious persecution or tyranny experienced in the motherland of their respective countries. The Crusades, the Great Irish Famine, whatever the cause may be, were running away from their loses and had no intention of losing again in the new country. The time soon came for the war of independence fro the colonizers. This was true of the French colonizers in the Louisiana region as it was for the English on the Eastern coastal regions or the once colonized Spanish region of the Southwest.

All across the entire region from the East coast to the West coast, were found pockets of native inhabitants who’s resources were desired and the natives themselves had to be dealt with aggressively and with overpowering force. Thus, the country as a whole bore witness to the creation of Manifest Destiny. It was in this context that the colonizers proclaimed their westward expansion as ordained by God and therefore became their right to murder men, women and children of the native and savage inhabitants across the land. It should be noted that the miraculous creation of the Manifest Destiny came many years after the development of science and the acceptance of modernist principles, even by those that created the notion of Manifest Destiny. In this context, science would say that the notion is abstract and unworthy of our attention. Whoever, to the extent that the true motive of the expansion Westward was economic wealth, the blood thirst and colonializing mindset saw no reason to give these wild savages a second thought.

Many of the wild native entities were unwilling to give up their land and culture even after so many of their people had been successfully murdered and so it was necessary for the growing United States government to enter into political documents known as treaties, to convince the natives that the expanding colonizers were decent, specifically, God fearing people that wanted nothing more than to live in peace with their fellow native inhabitants. Under such constraints the complete control of the native inhabitants would require undergoing the entire colonization process as before during Western European global expansion.