Western European Ideology

What, then, is the key to being able to accomplish this? We must regain our ability to tell what time it is. We live within two different realms of time. The time we once knew to walk upon this earth is missing. As the saying goes, as above, so below. Walking the earth as human beings among other cultures and other human beings, has revealed that there are two different conceptions of time here on earth. What I am saying is that the way of time in our people’s consciousness has been taken from us and we are no longer able to see. With our loss of sight we have also lost our voice and mother nature can no longer speak with her own voice as she looks upon herself and her children of the Sun.
Let us momentarily return to the scene of the crime. The theft occurred in the middle of the seventeenth century. The criminal’s name was Sir Francis Beacon and the weapon of mass destruction was the publication of his text “Novum Organum (1620). Prior to this publication, Western European consciousness was chaotic and irresponsible, as was their way. Truth was a completely relative notion that was determined by the choices of kings, the appeal to God and religious beliefs or by whomever had the greatest power. Alternatively, the Mexica had become civilized for literally thousands of years prior to the Western European. With the text, Novum Organum, the Modernist era was born and its’ first victim was the death of God.
Prior to the modernist era, Western Europeans had no way of actually telling what was true. Novum Organum is the very first instance and publication of the new scientific methodology. What science offered was consistency. What was true at one point was true for all points in time. It didn’t matter what country you were from or what language you spoke, if you used the scientific methodology of empirical analysis and verifiability, your truths would necessarily be equally true. This, naturally, was preferable to the overall confusion that preceded it. The true strength and promise held by science was producing a truth that could guarantee wealth beyond imagination, it was realized that with science we could control nature to produce goods for the benefit of mankind and, if used properly by politicians, the pockets of decision makers.
The conditions for the realization of such wealth was the elimination of human inconsistency. Anything that could not be proven empirically through the use of scientific methodology, would have to be eliminated as abstract and unverifiable. This was the reason why Nietzsche said that God was dead. That is, since religious and spiritual beliefs were not empirically verifiable, such beliefs would have to be considered a mere consideration of faith and completely unnecessary for the advancement of humanity. With science there was no longer a need to appeal to higher authorities. Science had provided Western Europeans with the ability to answer all tangible or real questions by the use of scientific observation.
In the era of European global expansionism and the colonization of far away land from which to extract wealth and resources for the motherland, France, England, Spain and others, set out in different directions to discover new lands. In this process they encountered natives, which is to say people that were not Western Europeans. The fact that they were savages was truly determined from the outset. To begin with, they were savage like in appearance and behavior. Furthermore, they knew nothing of scientific methodology which the Western Europeans themselves had discovered and which allowed them to understand their innate superiority to the natives. However, it was determined that the natives could be domesticated.