For the Mexica, the concept of time is fluid and capable of being expressed in different formats for different purposes. In the above image of gears we can see and understand how Gregorian time can achieve the precision necessary for use by civilized society. However, the Mexica do not use gears to determine what time it is. Instead, time can be simultaneously depicted in different calendars based on the number of day counts and divisions that are being used. This difference has the result of replacing the Western European use of gears with the rotation of our planets in our celestial universe. The Mexica have a main calendar known as the Long Count and upon this calendar we are able to track the rotations of the Sun in units of 5125 years each. It is in this context that the turning of the new Sun that occurred in 2012, was the changing of our Sun’s rotation cycle from the fifth Sun to the Sixth Sun in the evolution of life on planet earth. *(See Attached)

The Long Count is the most spiritually relevant format. This format provides knowledge of ourselves as a people, our future and is depicted in many cultural rituals throughout the annual cycle. Let us consider rotations and their meaning. In this context, the raising of the sixth sun is understood by the Maya to signal a period of enlightenment*(See Attached). It is also referred to in other astrological systems as the Age of Aquarius. Essentially, it represents the elevation of human consciousness to a higher plane of existence. There are also other calendars traveling in smaller rotations, which the colonizers would envision as smaller gears, that serve very specific functions.

The God of Corn, for example, has his own calendar. By using his calendar we are able to identify the best time to plant our crops. This God also has ceremonial tributes that not only serve to track the harvest, they also serve to maintain the consciousness of the Mexica people of their true relationship to the planets in our universe. That is, when the Mexica thinks of himself as being in a relationship with a variety of planetary schemes simultaneously, they know that they are a part of a universal order with universal relations in our planetary orbits that our designed to lead us in our lives here on planet earth but also reminds of the fact that were are children of the universe intended to live in harmony with nature.

The death of our culture, language and worldview, begins with the death of our cosmic relationship to time. We no longer walk the earth as children of the universe and we no longer feel ourselves to be a part of the larger harmony of nature and the planets. I began our story by asking a simple question, “What Time Do You Have?”. Until we are able to walk upon this planet earth knowing that we are children of the universe, that the different calendars provided to us by our ancient forefathers do still have relevance for us and all living organisms on the planet, we will remain Mexica in name only and we will be limited to a static list of slogans used in posters and asking us to return to our roots. Can you feel me? What time do you have?