What Time Do You Have?

You have eyes in your head and yet you cannot see. When we think of the colonizer and what they have taken from us, what is it exactly that we think about? The three most popular answers to this question are: Land, Culture and Language, at least in my mind of little true exposure to the ways of our people.. If one or all of these are your answer, then you can no longer see what is most important of all. What this means to me, and the reason I sit here writing as a self proclaimed Mexica storyteller, is a realization that if all of these were now in our possession, we still wouldn’t be able to walk the earth with our heads held high, as our ancient Mexica ancestors once did.
Even though I believe this to be true, I also believe that there are those among us that can, to whatever degree of capability they may have, feel the truth of my words. Looking through the many web pages dedicated to re-awakening, decolonizing, recapturing and returning to ourselves of the past, something very important is still missing. We don’t realize in all such efforts that what we have lost is our eye sight. We can no longer see, and we know this because we can no longer feel the very real presence of mother nature looking back upon itself. The wisemen among us sense that we are telling one of natures truths and yet most of today’s wisemen have lost their ability to speak and give direction for our return to our own state of nature.
The wisemen look upon the earth and reach deep within themselves to provide us with direction to move closer to Aztlan, a task I am unable to perform. Our Chiefs, as kings among us, are only now beginning to awaken. It is the path of our chiefs to walk among us gathering their strength from the energy of our people. This, to be sure, is not a task of which we are generally capable. A chief will look upon the people he leads and draw together the strength of his people while also being able to bring that energy into synchronicity with the flow of energy within us all, to speak his proclamations. Yes, the chief would talk with his poets and wisemen to be able to speak as one voice and give expression to his words so that nature itself can regain its’ own voice. However, this is not yet happening.
The storyteller does not know of what he speaks and yet he feels of what he knows. Thus, while the wisemen leads us in the direction of our people’s proper course of action, under the direction of the chief, the poets too can only feel of what they know and with their feelings speak to the desires of nature herself as she moves as one planet among the stars. When the wisemen serve to guide our actions and the poets feel the desires of nature herself, only then will the chiefs be able to speak for his people and make his proclamations while giving voice to nature as she looks upon herself as we, as a people, walk upon this earth knowing that we enjoy the fruits of mother earth as one star among a sea of stars under the protective warmth of father Sun. When we, the Mexica, together feels these things to be true, we will once again be able to walk upon this earth as our forefathers once lived.