All Roads Lead to Aztlan

Since the initial discovery of Quantum Mechanics during the first half of the twentieth century, the subsequent field of study known as Quantum Physics has been steadily evolving and developing to the point that we now know a lot more about human consciousness and the role that it plays in creating our own perceived reality. The two major notions that serve to provide such insights are, in my estimation; the diffracting patterns of energy waves, and; the specific process by which we are now able to describe the act of mattering that constitutes our individual and social reality.

While it is superficially understandable why individuals that grasp and understand such processes would feel a little bit like God, or at least believing to know how God may have produced our creation, there is much more to our creation than meets the eye of perception. In an effort to categorize this ultimate level of consciousness, the term, Noosphere has been developed by the French philosopher and Jesuit priest, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Those that achieve this level of consciousness are classified and referred to as those possessing a Superconsciousness.

With their newfound ability to make things happen in their lives by following the teachings of like-minded Noospheric groups, it wasn’t long before the leadership of these individuals began considering the concept of “collective consciousness”. It is believed that as a global network of individuals possessing Superconsciousness, it would then be possible to impact our world as a whole. For example, this group effort could assist us in reversing the effects of global warming. I mention these things in broad strokes to make the point that all of this, taken together, is nothing more than child’s play compared to the cultural superiority and poetic consciousness of our indigenous people.